About Danièle Henkel's Hammam Scrub Glove

The tradition and origins of the moroccan body mitt


Exfoliation comes first!

Because we are convinced of the benefits of renewed, oxygenated skin, our mission is to integrate exfoliation as an essential step to any beauty routine. Body exfoliation, a method originating from the famous Hammam baths, is part of a ritual that fosters not only visibly healthier skin, but also a detoxified body and a purified spirit. Our Renaissance Glove collection promotes exfoliation and detoxification of the body thanks to this ancestral method, while offering you all the pleasures of an extraordinary experience you from the comfort of your own bathroom. Its use will forever change your daily routine.



Everything began on a winter night in 1996 as our founder, Danièle Henkel, was coming home after a long day. To relax, she decided to take a bath and then proceeded to her usual care routine. Lost in her thoughts, she realized that what she really needed at that specific moment was an exfoliating massage that she used to get in her native country of Morocco. A true purifying ritual for the body and mind!

At that very instant, she decided she would bring this ancestral ritual so dear to her heart to Canada, her new homeland. After several trips to Morocco, the first traditional exfoliating gloves were created and brought to North America; the Renaissance Glove was born. With the help of her four children, she began to win over the hearts of the beauty professionals in Québec by showing them the benefits the Renaissance Glove had on their skin. Convinced by the results, they began to integrate the mechanical exfoliation gesture in their treatments.

The family company was born, and Québec gradually became familiar with this gesture from Maghreb.
Today, after 25 years of doing business, the company which has remained independent and family-owned is proud to be able to say that the Renaissance Glove™ is Canada’s best-selling exfoliating glove.


Two factors motivated our founder when she was designing the glove: the Renaissance Glove needed to deliver the best results to consumers, all while remaining loyal to its origins.

From Morocco to Québec professional institutes

For our creator, it was paramount to market an exfoliating glove of only the highest quality. That is why it was important to her that the glove be made in her home country of Morocco, with the utmost respect for traditions. It needed to be both effective enough to convince professionals, but also be as natural as possible to avoid irritating the most sensitive skin types.

From Professional Institutes to your bathroom

Our main strength is to have conquered the heart of consumers through the beauty professionals. Indeed, before being sold in Canadian drugstores the Renaissance Glove was for a long time a beauty accessory strictly reserved for professional use. The country’s estheticians would use this glove for their clients’ treatments before offering or selling it to them for at-home exfoliation. This is how this glove made the journey from the Hammams of Morocco to Québec’s beauty institutes and all the way to every Canadian’s bathroom.


Renaissance hammam scrub glove 


Imported directly from Morocco, our Renaissance Glove is made with the utmost respect for Moroccan traditions: Morocco is the home country of this ancestral accessory.

Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is meticulously and artisanally woven in a specific manner designed not to irritate the skin.

Beyond its weave, one of its main specificities is the composition of its fabric. Specifically designed for the Renaissance Glove, the cellulose vegetal fibre is obtained from two trees: the Eucalyptus and the Spruce.

Therefore, both its fabric and its weave make the Renaissance Glove efficient, sustainable and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

The Renaissance Glove is crafted to respect the traditions it comes from as well as the environment around us. In 2021 we launched our new packaging made entirely from recyclable materials and sourced from eucalyptus forests which can regrow in just 7 to 10 years.