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Mon expérience Gant Renaissance

Hammam l Rituel d'exfoliation l Gant Renaissance

Theme - Body care: The Hammam, an ancestral ritual

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This ideal practice of eliminating toxins from the body and renewing the skin is known since Greek and Roman antiquity. However, it is strongly associated with the Maghreb countries today. In the oriental tradition, the Hammam is a gathering place for women to wash and detoxify themselves as a form of self-care.

Gant Renaissance controlera votre Kératose pilaire

Keratosis pilaris: the essentials to get rid of this condition

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How can the Renaissance line help you with your keratosis pilaris?

The Renaissance Glove will be your best ally to keep control of your keratosis pilaris. Its natural fiber, woven in microscopic loops, will gently dislodge excess keratin without irritation and finally free ingrown hairs. By incorporating this exfoliation into your routine, you should see a change after 3 to 4 weeks. Be careful not to rub to the point of further inflammation.

Exfoliatier le visage naturellement

Face exfoliation with Renaissance Glove

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Hi there, I am Shela, a web content creator and beauty blogger @Bosquet Twins that I manage with my twin sister Sherly. Being an eternal skincare enthusiast, I have tried numerous exfoliating face accessories, from face brushes to silicone cleansing scrubbers, I’ve tried them all...
Utilisation du gant exfoliant daniele henkel

"My first exfoliation experience with Renaissance Glove" by THE LITTLE LOFT

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The ultimate skin goal is to have silky, soft, and smooth skin. The reality is that everyone already has, but for most of us, it’s hidden under a layer of dead skin or behind ingrown hairs. When dead skin cells stay on the surface, it’s acting as a barrier while keeping pores clogged, which ultim...