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Face exfoliation with Renaissance Glove

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Hi there,

I am Shela, a web content creator and beauty blogger @Bosquet Twins that I manage with my twin sister Sherly.

Being an eternal skincare enthusiast, I have tried numerous exfoliating face accessories, from face brushes to silicone cleansing scrubbers, I’ve tried them all! All, or at least almost all…

The first time I used the Renaissance Glove face accessory, I was astonished by all the residues on the glove and to feel that my T zone was as purified. It had been a long time since my skin felt so clean. At that moment, I decided to include the Renaissance glove and its face accessory in my daily skincare routine.

To cleanse your face, you only need a little water, soap and/or your favorite make-up remover, and that’s it… right?

That’s what I thought before having tried the Renaissance Glove face accessory.

When I first tried the Renaissance face glove, I didn’t know what to expect!

Today, I will share with you my first experience with Renaissance Glove and how I am using their face glove daily.

The Face Accessory: A Game Changer!

The face accessory is soft, vegan, and easily cleaned in the washing machine, it was thus an easy addition!

The Face Accessory: How does it work?

Directly in the shower or at your sink.

Firstly, you must wet the face pad with lukewarm or cold water (beware: warm water tends to dry out your skin and make it more sensitive).

1. As a cleanser/Make-up removal

Depending on your wishes, you can place a small quantity of your face cleanser on the pad or directly on your face and start to delicately rub in a circular manner with the soft/white side.

2. As an exfoliator

The other side of the face accessory is rougher and should be used to exfoliate your face. It’s important to exfoliate it at least once a week to sweep away dead skin cells, excess sebum and other impurities that tend to gather on the skin’s surface.

Thoroughly rinse both your skin and the face accessory.

Let it hang down and dry in your shower.

When using the Renaissance Glove, you will have more control on the exfoliation process and on the cleanliness of your face. When you exfoliate, you protect your skin from irritation and inflammation!

To be totally honest with you, using the face accessory to remove my make-up has been a game changer!

I cannot tell you how many times I had to clean my face more than twice to be sure I had removed all traces of make-up. Or all these mornings when I woke up and realized that my pillow was stained by the make-up that I had supposedly removed the night before!

In a nutshell, the Renaissance glove allows you to deeply clean your face and to remove the most stubborn residues. It is a small addition to your skincare routine that makes all the difference!

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- Shela

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