Everything You need to know About Body Exfoliators

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Acné du corps, acné du dos, acné de l'adulte et exfoliation

Body acne, back acne, adult acne & exfoliation

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Summer is coming to an end and if you suffer from back acne, you've probably noticed that the condition has worsened over the summer season; warmer temperatures don't seem to stop us from layering sunscreen, Milk Body or even Botanical oil to keep our skin hydrated and glowing. But wh...
Pores dilatés, hyperpigmentation et cellulite; comprendre les différentes conditions de la peau

Dilated pores, hyperpigmentation, and cellulite; understanding the different skin conditions

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The ultimate key will be regular exfoliation with your Renaissance Glove to release toxin build-up. For high performance management, professional microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and skin resurfacing will provide even more comprehensive results.

Hammam l Rituel d'exfoliation l Gant Renaissance

Theme - Body care: The Hammam, an ancestral ritual

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This ideal practice of eliminating toxins from the body and renewing the skin is known since Greek and Roman antiquity. However, it is strongly associated with the Maghreb countries today. In the oriental tradition, the Hammam is a gathering place for women to wash and detoxify themselves as a form of self-care.

Gant exfoliant Ecoresponsable

Eco-responsible together!

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In this Earth Month, we want to be transparent with our community and share with you our initiatives to help protect our planet. It all starts with the manufacturing process of the exfoliating glove For our creator, it was fundamental to market a quality exfoliation glove. Thus, it was obvi...
Ma résolution exfolier la peau


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How do I get my pre-holiday bright complexion back? Event if festivities were amazing : the tasty little pies (not that little though), the glasses of bubbly and other excesses accumulated…it is great time to restore our healthy and glowing skin. This year, I am done with pimpl...
Produits d'exfoliation pour la corps

The perfect bathroom for the holidays!

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Taking care of yourself during the holiday season may seem complicated but it is necessary. Your body will thank you and your loved ones will notice.

Face and body care routine, ideal for the holidays.