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"My first exfoliation experience with Renaissance Glove" by THE LITTLE LOFT

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The ultimate skin goal is to have silky, soft, and smooth skin. The reality is that everyone already has, but for most of us, it’s hidden under a layer of dead skin or behind ingrown hairs. When dead skin cells stay on the surface, it’s acting as a barrier while keeping pores clogged, which ultimately give the skin a dull look. It naturally sheds off every 30 days or so, so regularly exfoliating your face and body helps speed up the process to regenerate cells and reveal new and radiant skin. Warm weather is in the air so there’s no better time than now to prep those legs for short shorts and summer dress season!

Exfoliation comes in many forms: sponges, sugar scrubs, and exfoliating gloves, just to name a few. I’ve tried many alternatives before, but one that has been so simple and clean is with the Renaissance Glove.

The handcrafted vegan glove is made ethically and responsibly with natural and vegetable-based materials. No need for chemical cosmetics or abrasive products! All you need is the glove, water, your skin, and you’re all set! It’s such a simple and mess-free way to exfoliate that you can pack the glove on your next trip to give your skin a little TLC while away from home.


Start by simply soaking your skin, ideally in warm water, for about five minutes, softening it and allowing for an easier exfoliation.

Wet the glove and start scrubbing up down and in a circular motion on a small discrete area to test your skin’s reaction. If there’s no severe irritation or reaction, continue scrubbing on the legs, stomach, arms, and work your way around your body. It’s completely normal if your skin gets red! You should start seeing your skin shed.

Once you’ve completed the exfoliation step, rinse your skin as well as the glove. Don’t forget to hang the glove to dry!

At this point, it’s the perfect time to moisturize generously. Note that all your skincare products (body and face), will be even more effective when they are applied after a good exfoliation, since it optimizes the absorption of all the active ingredients!

After the process, my skin felt so smooth and I definitely noticed that this helped with managing ingrown hairs. My skin texture felt refined, even, and silky soft!

Renaissance Glove’s exfoliating face accessory is so perfect and convenient to remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion. It has a handy holder to slip your fingers through for an easier exfoliation. During the colder season, my skin gets very dry and flaky. Regularly exfoliating provides a clean and healthy canvas to allow skincare products to seep in. Furthermore, makeup will adhere to the skin much better.

The Renaissance glove and face accessory are wonderful to prep your skin before sun exposure or a session of spray tan. Removing the upper dead skin layer allows for an even tan or distribution of product on the body to avoid streaks.

Whether you’re someone who already exfoliates but hasn’t tried an exfoliating glove yet, or if you don’t currently exfoliate, I highly recommend that you give the Renaissance Glove!

~ Kristen W.

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