Les femmes derrière la marque

The women behind the brand

| lamyae Aarabi

We know you love our products, but do you know how it all started?

Renaissance GloveTm was founded by Daniele Henkel, a committed, ambitious woman who was devoted to her company, but most of all to her family. Today her daughters Linda and Amel Mahieddine are the managers of Daniele Henkel Enterprises inc and Renaissance GloveTm, as passionate as their mother, they are taking over the family business and they embark on this project that they have seen grow with them.

Today, on the occasion of International Women's Day, we tell you our story.

How did it all start?

Renaissance GloveTm was born in Daniele Henkel's basement following her arrival in Canada. After leaving everything behind in Algeria to make a better life for her family, she realized that starting over was going to be more difficult than she thought. After a long and exhausting day at work, she decides to take a moment to relax and do her exfoliation ritual as she learned to do in Algeria. This ritual is an ancestral tradition of North Africa and the Middle East, it is not only intended to eliminate impurities from the skin, but it is also a moment of relaxation, a body and a spiritual purification. It was during this ritual that she had the incredible idea to launch a new project, which is the sale of the exfoliating glove. Today the Renaissance glove is the best-selling exfoliating glove in Canada.

How did it happen?

Daniele Henkel changed her life and her family’s life by giving her heart and soul to the sale of the scrubbing glove. With the support of her family and the involvement of her daughters, she faced many obstacles and rejections, but never gave up. Her daughter Linda Mahieddine, who at the age of 16 started to help her mother in the management, resale and preparation of orders, gradually made her place in the business and then joined the family business. Amel Mahieddine joined the company a little later to help Linda manage the operations and support her sister in the development of the business.

Renaissance GloveTm today

Daniele Henkel moved on to new projects, and handed over the business to her daughters Linda and Amel Mahieddine who managed Renaissance GloveTm with the same values as their mother. They followed in their mother's footsteps and embarked on a new adventure to make the brand more known worldwide and to make the exfoliating glove accessible to all. Together, they have built a team of employees who care about the brand and share the same values.

Thanks to these inspiring women who have shaped the brand's values, Renaissance GloveTm is committed to women, with product donations, monetary donations and collaborations with Canadian women starting businesses. Renaissance GloveTm is staffed primarily by women. The company is committed to their well-being by allowing them to balance their work life with their family life.

Now you know the story of the women behind the brand. Renaissance GloveTm is much more than a brand, it is the story of a great family that we invite you to meet.

Our team:

Danièle Henkel | Founder

Linda Mahieddine | President

Amel Mahieddine | Vice President

Natalie Shordjian | Customer Service Supervisor

Alina Siroteanu | Accountant

Naila Kouidri | Marketing Brand Manager

Caroline Leduc | Head clinical trainer

Lamyae Aarabi | Marketing Assistant

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