Pores dilatés, hyperpigmentation et cellulite; comprendre les différentes conditions de la peau

Dilated pores, hyperpigmentation, and cellulite; understanding the different skin conditions

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Day after day, our skin is subjected to multiple external aggressions in addition to undergoing various internal changes related to our genetics and the effects of aging. If the appearance of healthy and smooth skin is the ultimate beauty goal, it is important to know and understand the different conditions that make up the skin to take daily actions that will lead to an even texture and a radiant complexion.

Dilated pores

A skin pore, by definition, is a tiny orifice through which sweat and sebum flow. When it expands, impurities and dirt settle in and it becomes more visible. Several factors contribute to this, including a lack of exfoliation, pollution, dehydration, and inappropriate products. To tighten and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, a daily skincare routine is an excellent solution to regain a more even texture. The ultimate key will be regular exfoliation with your Renaissance Glove to release toxin build-up. For high performance management, professional microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and skin resurfacing will provide even more comprehensive results.


Hyperpigmentation is the term commonly used to describe areas of uneven skin coloration. These dark pigmentation spots are caused by several factors that lead to an excessive increase in the production of melanin, the natural pigment responsible for the coloring of our skin, eyes, and hair. Whether the cause is hormonal, genetic or due to excessive exposure to the sun, several solutions are available to achieve a more even skin tone, free of excess pigmentation. Chemical peels, skin resurfacing, laser and pulsed light treatments are generally recommended as part of a professional treatment. Of course, it will be important to include a good sun protection in the treatment regimen to ensure full effectiveness of these treatments.


Probably the most common skin condition in women, cellulite is a nightmare for nearly 80% of them. The dimpled, orange peel appearance is certainly the result of fat cell engorgement located under our epidermis, combined with skin fibrosis and a decrease in venous and lymphatic circulation. Although cellulite is generally only an aesthetic concern, it can eventually lead to some physical discomfort or even pain if it is not taken care of. If it is impossible to get rid of this condition permanently, several solutions are available to control it. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, staying well hydrated, introducing Endermologie® to your lifestyle and a well adapted beauty routine at home will be part of a winning solution to obtain smooth skin free of dimples.

The path to healthy-looking, silky skin is made up of multiple beauty routines to be adopted consistently and rigorously throughout the year. By combining exfoliation, professional skincare, and regular sun protection, you'll have the best chance of achieving healthy, radiant skin!

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