Ma résolution exfolier la peau


| Renaissance Glove

How do I get my pre-holiday bright complexion back? Event if festivities were amazing : the tasty little pies (not that little though), the glasses of bubbly and other excesses accumulated…it is great time to restore our healthy and glowing skin.

This year, I am done with pimples, oily T-zone, dull complexion, wrinkles, dark circles, ingrown hair, peeling skin and so on… This year, I EXFOLIATE. 

My skin, with all its upsides and downsides…what is it?

My skin is a barrier between the inside and the outside. It envelops my whole body from head-to-toe and is a real shield against hazardous substances such as pollution, bad energy, chemical products, pesticides etc. In fact, my skin is the most intimate shell of my private space just as the atmosphere is for the Earth: it makes my own ecosystem breathable.

My skin is the messenger of my inside world. It is often said that the skin is its reflection. How many times did I not curse those after-party pimples or those im-po-ssible to hide dark circles? While utterly unsightly, my skin’s flaws allow me to become aware of my body’s needs. My skin is a real mediator.

My skin is an evacuator of all the inner waste that circulates in my body. It eliminates all the toxins which would accumulate at the expense of my health if it were not for my skin. Moreover, without my skin which is the biggest organ of my whole body, my kidneys and my liver and other emunctory organs would be overwhelmed. Exfoliating myself implies avoiding my other organs’ burnout…

Why should I follow my Netflix & Chill sunday session with ... an exfoliation?

By exfoliating my skin, I contribute to the revival (renaissance!) of my skin: my skin cells renew themselves, my skin’s components harmonize, my sebum regulate itself…I just glow!

Exfoliating the skin, is also enabling a better absorption of the cosmetics’ actives and a better penetration of the hydrating factors. When exfoliating, we make sure that all the efforts made towards having a beautiful skin and the (great) budget invested in qualitative cosmetics aren’t in vain.

If we don’t exfoliate, pores get blocked and all the dangerous components against which our skin act as a barrier, such as pollution, remain on the surface and block the evacuation of all inner waste. These toxins remain blocked and form pimples.

YES! The skin exfoliates itself naturally BUT this process slows down over time. All the dead skin cells accumulate, the skin thickens, becomes duller, less elastic and the wrinkles wider.

The cells of our dermis need pampering, they need us. Exfoliating is assisting the skin in its natural and essential functions.

In 2022, I take care of my skin cells and I shine!

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