Produits d'exfoliation pour la corps

The perfect bathroom for the holidays!

| Renaissance Glove

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas

Yes indeed! It’s the time of shopping, family dinners and giving! The end of the year always comes with excitement, anxiety and that little extra amount of stress that goes with it.
Everything happens so quickly this time of year that maybe it’s time to take a step back. We can say the holidays have arrived at the right time!

At Renaissance Glove, we truly believe the month of December is a special moment to take time for ourselves and invite our loved ones to do the same.
That is why we invite you, this month of December, to relax in your perfect bathroom, one that is fit for a queen and, of course, in the theme of Christmas. Be it to recharge your batteries or for an end-of-year beauty ritual we recommend to:

  1. Start by running a hot bath
  2. While the bath is running, play your favorite Christmas playlist
  3. Light an inspiring candle or burn a balancing sage
  4. Once the bath is full and hot, pour some drops of your favorite essential oil to awaken your senses and add some bath salt or dried flower petals
  5. Give in to a moment of relaxation
  6. Finish your bath ritual by exfoliating your body to feel refreshed
  7. Hydrate your skin with your favorite body lotion
  8. Wrap yourself into a cozy and clean bathrobe and do a brightening facemask. There is nothing better than a good beauty treatment post-exfoliation for optimized results!

Now you are ready to go out and have dinner with friends & family, or simply cuddle up with your loved ones in front of your favorite Christmas movie (ndlr: we are still not over The Holiday with the beautiful Cameron Diaz).

And because December is a time of sharing, we invite you to share this article to a person close to you who likes to bathe just like you or who simply needs a dose of “me-time”.

Happy holidays! 🎄

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