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Eco-responsible together!

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In this Earth Month, we want to be transparent with our community and share with you our initiatives to help protect our planet.

It all starts with the manufacturing process of the exfoliating glove

For our creator, it was fundamental to market a quality exfoliation glove. Thus, it was obvious that it should be made in its country of origin, Morocco, with the greatest respect for the traditions of this ancestral accessory. The uniqueness of our Renaissance Glove lies in the fact that it is woven by hand, in a meticulous way and with a unique fabric exclusive that doesn’t irritate the skin. We have been working with the same partner since our beginning more than 25 years ago and we are proud of our collaboration!

The natural and unique composition of the Renaissance Glove

There are many fabrics on the market of exfoliating gloves, but for us, it had to both meet its promises of effectiveness but also be as natural as possible to not irritate sensitive skin.

With our glove, we can do this in two ways:

  • One of its main characteristics is the composition of its fabric. The fabric, developed exclusively for the Renaissance Glove, is made of 100% natural plant cellulose fiber (also called viscose) extracted from eucalyptus and spruce. 
  • Finally, the weaving process is also unique: in microscopic loops, allowing an effective exfoliation in depth but gently.

It is the combination of this fiber and this weave that offers you a professional experience with the greatest respect for your skin.

The origin and naturalness of our product are at the heart of our concerns. The Renaissance Glove is therefore composed almost entirely of ingredients of natural origin. The selected ecological synthetic dye allows a better color retention. Finally, the thread that makes up the elastic is made of polyester to ensure quality and durability. So, we are happy to say that our Renaissance Glove is compostable (just remove the elastic and the label!).

Our commitment extends to packaging

As for our product packaging, we completely revisited the concept at the end of 2020. In order to offer a packaging that looks like us and meets the needs of our market the marketing team developed a new box concept that eliminates the additional printed instructions. We also eliminated the unnecessary plastic that was part of our original packaging. Finally, we chose a paper that represents our values and origins. Made entirely of recyclable materials and sourced from eucalyptus forests that are renewable in only 7 to 10 years, far less than the average for regular printing paper!

The warehouse pick-up option

For the past few months, we have been organizing ourselves internally and are proud to now offer the option of online order pickup at the warehouse. This decision is part of our ongoing commitment to our environment and to our community. It was important to offer this convenient and affordable option to our customers, and if we can avoid additional greenhouse gases at the same time, even better!

Let's celebrate Earth Day together!

To mark this important month, we are pleased to offer our community a Vintage Body Scrub Glove (yes, we recycle too!) in a pretty green color reminiscent of nature, for any purchase of $40 or more. Along with the glove we are pleased to offer a biodegradable card to plant. When the paper is planted in the ground, it produces a beautiful plant and leaves no waste. A memorable souvenir to celebrate Earth Day!

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