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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our brand Gant Renaissance, we wanted to give the floor to our dear founder. Here are her words for you:

"What an adventure!

For 25 years, one of my most cherished dreams has not only come true, but it has become a symbol of Respect for Self, Nature, and the Human Body! Above all, I am very proud to have created a bridge between my origins and my host country.

I was born in Morocco in 1956, from an atypical family that did not predispose me to success. My mother was Moroccan Jewish, my father German Catholic. I never knew my father. I was raised by a single mother who gave me confidence, strength, determination, and the means to pursue my dreams.

When I arrived in Quebec in January 1990, I decided to jump in and start my own business in 1996, with a product that had been familiar to me since I was very young: The Renaissance Glove!

I have always believed in natural beauty and the importance of taking care of yourself!

Today, the Renaissance Glove is recognized as the number one product in its category in Canada and in the world. I owe this success to a dedicated team, faithful partners, loyal customers, a vision, and a perseverance that is unwavering!

I dedicate this 25th anniversary of the Renaissance Glove to my family and to all my clients for their support and sharing which has made me grow!

I am proud to be a woman! I salute and congratulate all the women who dare to be vulnerable and dare to show their natural beauty no matter what their origins, their shape, or their size! You are beautiful ladies!

I hope that the Renaissance Glove will continue to be your comfort for many years to come.

Thank you for your trust,



To properly celebrate this anniversary, the brand is having a special offer: The Grey Renaissance Glove exfoliating kit+ a set of 3 decorative rose scented candles. 🌹

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