Utilisation gant exfoliant pour le bronzage


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Who doesn't dream of maintaining a beautiful golden tan all summer long? To achieve this, it is essential to adopt the right gestures to guarantee an even and long-lasting tan.


Every day, our skin is exposed to several aggressions, in addition to the accumulation of impurities and dead cells. Hence, it is essential to deeply exfoliate before our first sun exposures. This step will eliminate dead cells that cling to the skin and prevent you from having a consistent tan. By exfoliating before applying sun protection or self-tanning products, you can increase the effectiveness of your products and ensure a long-lasting tan. Therefore, a beauty ritual with the Renaissance glove is recommended to ensure a good preparation of the skin and a consistency in your tan whether obtained naturally or through self-tanning.


We tend to believe that exfoliating during summer will make our tan fade away. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating on a regular basis is a great way to maintain your tan. For this, it is important to understand that the cells responsible for coloring our skin, melanocytes, are in the deep layers of our epidermis. Exfoliation, which only concerns the superficial layer of the skin, can in no way make the natural tan disappear! On the contrary, a good scrub will be an excellent way to stimulate cell renewal and even intensify our golden complexion.

Caution: In case of a sunburn, it is not recommended to exfoliate. Give the skin some time to repair and avoid further irritation.

If you got your tan through self-tanning treatments at home or a spray-tan in an institute, a harsh exfoliation could lighten your skin and even erase your tan. Therefore, exfoliation can be useful in cases where you end up with a non-consistent complexion, self-tanning spots or when the product begins to fade unevenly. While exfoliation is necessary on the days preceding your self-tanning session, it is not recommended in the days following your application.


To prolong your tan and repair damage caused by UV rays, it is recommended to always moisturize your skin after each exposure. The sun has a dehydrating effect; thus, it is very important that the skin regains its flexibility and elasticity to achieve a consistent tan and a healthy complexion throughout the summer. Choose a moisturizer with a fluid texture that will deeply nourish your skin and prevent skin dryness.

NB. Obviously, in order to tan safely and avoid peeling, do not forget your SPF!

In conclusion, your exfoliation glove and SPF are the best allies of your tan, whether natural or not.

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