Exfolier la peau avant épilation

Optimizing laser hair removal with exfoliation

| Renaissance Glove

Laser or intense pulsed light is now an increasingly popular solution for getting rid of unwanted hair, especially in the fall when periods of exposure to the sun are less frequent. Adapting one's beauty routine is essential to guarantee optimal performance of the treatment at the institute.

1. Getting ready - Before your laser hair removal session

First of all, the first step towards the success of your laser hair removal is exfoliation. When a build-up of dry skin clogs the pores, the laser light will not be able to reach the hair, which may be in the deeper layers of the skin. This will prevent the bulb from being properly targeted and will only make it smaller, making it impossible to destroy later. By properly exfoliating your skin, you ensure that the laser light will penetrate much deeper and remove your unwanted hair more effectively.

To achieve this, we recommend that you perform the Renaissance Glove ritual 48 hours before your session (to avoid any risk of irritation the day before or the day of your appointment). Take a moment in the shower, using warm water, to exfoliate and remove dead skin with circular motions, focusing on the areas to be lasered. By applying your favorite moisturizer afterwards, your skin will be soaked in water, which will help absorb the heat during your waxing session and make it easier to achieve success.

2. Protecting yourself - The post-laser routine

Once your laser session is over, the skin needs to be pampered and well protected for at least 72 hours. It is therefore important to avoid any type of exfoliation or scrubbing during this period so as not to irritate it, in addition to refraining from any exposure to the sun. On the other hand, resuming your Renaissance Glove ritual after this period will be essential while waiting for your next appointment in order to avoid the formation of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs appear when the hair cannot penetrate the dermis to emerge. It therefore folds on itself and grows inside the skin. In addition to being unattractive, ingrown hairs can sometimes be painful, leading to the appearance of small inflamed pimples in the place where the hair should naturally have come out.

It is also quite normal to see our hairs reappear during the first week following laser or pulsed light hair removal. Although the bulb has been destroyed, the hair will come to the surface and give a false impression of growth; in principle, this hair will fall out naturally within 10 to 15 days following your session. Daily use of the Renaissance Glove with your usual shower gel is therefore an excellent way to accelerate hair loss and quickly regain soft, smooth skin!

Laser hair removal is an excellent long-term solution for removing unwanted hair. With proper preparation and post-treatment care, you have every chance of achieving effective and lasting results. 🙌

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