Exfolier la peau naturellement

Spring Beauty Routine 🌸

| Renaissance Glove
Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the buds are multiplying, and the beautiful days are around the corner. But is your skin properly prepared for this seasonal transition?

In the winter, our skin is subjected to numerous external aggressions due to the cold, the heating, the wind, and temperature changes. When April comes, it is normal to find it a little dull, in lack of radiance and glow, with fine lines and dark circles more accentuated. The good news is that Spring comes with rebirth, new skin, it's therefore the perfect time to start a skin detox, to do a reset, in short, to prepare for a major spring beauty cleaning!

Every Spring ritual must begin with exfoliation, which remains the ultimate "beautiful skin" gesture.

Exfoliation with our Renaissance Glove will:

  1. Oxygenate your skin and let it breathe
  2. Remove impurities that suffocate the skin
  3. Restore your skin's uniform and radiant glow
  4. Promote skin renewal
  5. Prepare your skin for the treatments, serums and other creams thatyou will apply afterwards!

Don't forget to moisturize your skin by using lighter textures and don't forget... your favorite SPF!

In short, spring is the Renaissance for all, a new beginning for nature. It is the first season of the year. You see me coming and understand now where our brand name comes from... If exfoliation had to be a season, it would be Spring. It gives your skin a fresh new start, a radiant look and above all: it is the first step of any good skin care ritual.

Are you ready for new skin?

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