Rituel sauge et palo santo


| Renaissance Glove

Do you also believe something is missing during your exfoliation ritual? While we have now strived to provide you with the best glove for nurturing and caring for your body, we now aspire to care for your mind. Follow the path of our founder and embark on a journey filled with aromas and contemplation.

We have made the choice of living intensely: intense in activities, work, emotions. While it is absolutely thrilling, our routine has become exhausting, and our well-being often ends up sacrificed. Our “well-being” rituals wind up being just another task to tick of the to-do list…

We have thus sought to give an ounce of conscience back to our rituals. Ho do we come back to the here and now, how can we go back to being our most primal self and feel our body regain some strength and benefit from what we give it? When introducing the sage and the palo santo in our well-being experience, we open the doors of our mind and give way to dreams and serenity.

How does it work?

Light one end of the stick and let the smoke spread into the room that you want to purify. Listen to the aromas – the sage will transmit a Mediterranean and vacation-like blast to your room and the palo santo will bring the woody scent of the sacred forests – that will slowly lull you into an awakening sleep. For a fully conscious bath ritual, place your sage and palo santo in a Himalayan salt crystal holder and plunge into your bath in which you can put some drops of rose d’orient botanical oil. Breathe in, breathe out, and let go. Once your senses are wide open and receptive to all the well-being that you pamper your body with, take your Renaissance Glove and exfoliate yourself. Performing a ritual that, in essence, seems physical but that is also spiritual allows you to optimize the potential of both: your body gets rid of all impurities and your mind acknowledges it. Finally, it is your mind that you free from negative energy.

This ritual re-establishes our connexion, our link to the Earth, the nature, with the present moment, simply, with our Self. The aromas of sage and palo santo bring concentration and inner search.

We want, and we need this experience of spirit elevation that help, in fact, come back to the conscious and the present. With the sage and the palo santo, we get back to being authentic.

A ritual that will end up becoming an essential habit…a daily, genuine, art of living.

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