L'exfoliation pour lui

Exfoliation for him

| Renaissance Glove

"I like regular body exfoliating cleansers, but then once a week I perform a deeper body scrub with the Renaissance glove because it gets rid of dead cells like nothing else can. After that, you start the week with great rejuvenated skin," says Olivier Damato.

Who said that the Renaissance Glove was only for women? Certainly not us! This month, our men are in the spotlight! After having received some great testimonials from some of them, we wanted to dedicate an article to them. 

We are all human, so our skin needs to be exfoliated, regardless of our gender. But men’s skin is slightly different from women's skin. Until adolescence, there is no difference between women's and men's skin. But, as soon as the first hormonal surges occur, the skin is impacted, and the scientific community has observed certain major differentiating elements. To summarize, whether physiological, hormonal, or environmental, here are the main differences between male and female skin: 

1. Thicker skin: 

Collagen, naturally in greater quantities in men, contributes to the appearance of firmer and more elastic skin for men compared to women. The scientific community agrees that men's skin is between 20 to 25% thicker than a women’s skin. This thickness allows men to keep their skin looking younger longer than women and gives them a generally less fragile skin. 

 2. An oilier skin: 

Men have more sebaceous glands and contributes to an oilier skin, especially during the puberty and prepuberty period. The hydrolipidic film of the man is thus more intense than that of the woman, on the surface of the skin. 

 3. A less soft skin:

For the same hormonal reason, women's skin is softer due to the production of estrogen. Estrogen has a moisturizing effect on the skin. They soften and smooth it. Hence the phenomenon of increased aging after menopause. 

 4. Skin ages differently:

Men's skin does not age slower or faster than women's skin, it just ages differently. We observe that women's skin ages earlier on average while men's skin ages later but more rapidly. 

 5. Hairiness:

Finally, one of the major differences we notice with the naked eye is the hair. The discreet downy hair that covers the whole surface of the face until adolescence turns into hair with the arrival of testosterone in men. When shaving, men can develop ingrown hairs, also called folliculitis in dermatological terms. It is the inflammation of the root of the hair following shaving. It manifests itself as a small red pimple or with the appearance of a "blackhead" and is often located on the lower face, chin or neck, and sometimes upper back. 

To avoid this kind of symptoms, we recommend exfoliation. Not only will it prevent ingrown hairs from forming, but it will also free them should they appear. 

The advantage of exfoliation with the Renaissance glove is that it is mechanical (no chemical agents) and therefore ideal for more sensitive skin that is often irritated or sensitive after shaving. 

The glove is also natural, odorless, and practical because it is suitable for both body exfoliation in the shower and face exfoliation thanks to its accessory specifically designed to respect the physiology. 

Note: we would like to point out that the information cited in this article is based on scientific research and observations made over several years with large samples of people. These are obviously majority trends, but as each person is unique, their skin is also unique. The above-mentioned characteristics can vary from one man to another depending on his physiology, his hormones and his environment.

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