Everything You need to know About Body Exfoliators

Utilisation du gant exfoliant daniele henkel

"My first exfoliation experience with Renaissance Glove" by THE LITTLE LOFT

| Renaissance Glove
The ultimate skin goal is to have silky, soft, and smooth skin. The reality is that everyone already has, but for most of us, it’s hidden under a layer of dead skin or behind ingrown hairs. When dead skin cells stay on the surface, it’s acting as a barrier while keeping pores clogged, which ultim...
Exfolier la peau naturellement

Spring Beauty Routine 🌸

| Renaissance Glove
Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the buds are multiplying, and the beautiful days are around the corner. But is your skin properly prepared for this seasonal transition? In the winter, our skin is subjected to numerous external aggressions due to the cold, the heating, the wind, and tempera...