Everything You need to know About Body Exfoliators

Produits d'exfoliation pour la corps

The perfect bathroom for the holidays!

| Renaissance Glove

Taking care of yourself during the holiday season may seem complicated but it is necessary. Your body will thank you and your loved ones will notice.

Face and body care routine, ideal for the holidays.

Rituel sauge et palo santo


| Renaissance Glove

We want, and we need this experience of spirit elevation that help, in fact, come back to the conscious and the present. With the sage and the palo santo, we get back to being authentic.

A ritual that will end up becoming an essential habit…a daily, genuine, art of living.

Exfoliatier le visage naturellement

Face exfoliation with Renaissance Glove

| Renaissance Glove
Hi there, I am Shela, a web content creator and beauty blogger @Bosquet Twins that I manage with my twin sister Sherly. Being an eternal skincare enthusiast, I have tried numerous exfoliating face accessories, from face brushes to silicone cleansing scrubbers, I’ve tried them all...
Exfolier la peau avant épilation

Optimizing laser hair removal with exfoliation

| Renaissance Glove
Laser or intense pulsed light is now an increasingly popular solution for getting rid of unwanted hair, especially in the fall when periods of exposure to the sun are less frequent. Adapting one's beauty routine is essential to guarantee optimal performanc...
Meilleur rItuel d'exfoliation pour le corps

The Renaissance Glove ritual, much more than a simple bath

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Body exfoliation is important for the health and beauty of our skin. To help you integrate it into your daily routine, we have prepared a list of practical tips and a customized ritual. Follow the 4 steps of Renaissance Glove below and live the Spa experience from the comfort of your bathroom: St...
Joyeux anniversaire Gant Renaissance


| Renaissance Glove

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our dear Renaissance Glove, we wanted to give the floor to our dear founder and propose a special offer to celebrate the occasion!